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About 2Cellos

2Cellos duo rose to fame in 2011 after their cover of “Smooth Criminal” became a hit on YouTube, receiving over three million views in the first two weeks and over twenty-seven million views as of Feb 2018. The creation of the music video was prompted by the cellists’ financial difficulties, despite their musical success in the UK. One of Hauser’s friends in Pula, a director, proposed that they try the pop music market by creating a video to “Smooth Criminal.” The video features Šulić and Hauser facing off alone in a large white room, playing Jackson’s tune. Before they became partners, the two cellists were sometimes rivals, competing against each other in music contests.

2Cellos uses YouTube to reach out to its fans. In addition to producing music videos of their work, they also post videos of notable live performances, including in Arena Zagreb (2012), Arena Pula (2013), EXIT Festival (2014), and their fifth anniversary concert at Arena di Verona (2016). In February 2014, the pair published their rendition of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” to YouTube. The video depicts the duo playing before a Baroque audience, which soon finds out that the song is anything but classical. The video went viral at the beginning of March, gathering 10 million views in the first two weeks. As of May 2018, the video has garnered over 116 million views.

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